The Planting Collective Conference 2019 met at St Paul’s Hammersmith. Check out the session audio below:

planting collective 2019

Main Session One:

Focus on the future: for ourselves

(richard coekin)

Main Session TWO:

Focus on the future: for the lost

(Neil Powell)


Convictions that sustain whilst planting in a secular context (edouard nelson)

Gathering a team to endure in a spiritual desert (Lee Mcmunn)

Building for the future from church to network (Steve Robinson)

Planting multi-cultural churches across
class & cultural divisions (mike reith)

Gathering an enduring team to plant in the city centre (pete nicholas)

Recruiting and coaching
the next generation (dai Hankey)

The Planting Collective is a conference collaboration of Acts 29, AMiE, Co-Mission, City to City UK and FIEC, desiring to connect and encourage pastors and planters in different reformed evangelical networks across the UK