Planting Forum 2022 was a gathering of Pastors, Senders, Trainers, Mentors, Coaches, Catalysts and Planters for a mix of exposition, TED talks and round table discussion:

“Let’s not miss the moment!” [Neil Powell]
“Why do church plants fail?” [Dan Steel]
“How should we plant churches?” [Lee McMunn, Girma Bishaw, Ray Brown]
Interview and prayer [Rick Raja, Neil Forsythe]
“How do we support church planters?” [Steve Robinson, Richard Perkins, Andy Weatherley, Ralph Cunnington]
“The Planters Posture” [Richard Coekin]

Resources and references from the discussion:

Why Church Plants Fail (Dan Steel’s paper)

London Church Planting Academy (including Co-Mission Planting Training, City to City Incubator, Crosslands Seminary and Union MTh)
Birmingham Collective (including City to City Incubator)
Cornerstone Collective (Liverpool)
Co-Mission (London)
The London Project (including coaching training)
Crosslands Foundation module on church planting (suitable for a launch team)
CMM on Gospel Coaching
Mapping intercultural mission (survey) 

Tim Keller, Center Church
C H Spurgeon, The Day of Salvation
Milton Vincent, The Glories of God’s Love